Parallel World





本来は、全ての出来事に意味は無く、ある出来事を受け取った自己が、その受け取った出来事に、勝手な意味付けと評価をし、その蓄積量により、自己の心に相応しい「parallel world(平行同時世界)」を選び取って生きているのではないか・・・

この様な思考により、2011年から「parallrl world シリーズ」を開始。







Since started oil paintings in 2005, life, things, place, time and senses have become the main themes of the artworks.
Searching these themes have reached to the thought that essentially,
everyone should be able to create and live in the ideal world they wish for.
Exist or not.. this uncertain reality may be identifying with your mind , sense of values or belief.
Originally, things is meaningless. Everyone may selfishly give meaning to things and choose each parallel world which deserves to be each mind.
This thought has inspired the creation of  ‘parallel world’ series from the beginning.
The production of this series continues with the hopes for the future and joys of freedom.
All the works portrays the search for life, and it is also the process and the discovery for the world which  Asako Taya aims for.
Wishing for the spectators will appreciate the works with the thoughts of their own wonderful future.


Oil painting

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