Pink bear


キャラクターが生まれた当初からコンセプトは「愛を運ぶピンクのくまちゃん」。「Pink bear」誕生となった。

2008年にはコンクールで受賞し、「Pink bear ポストカードbook」を文芸社ビジュアルアートから出版。(現在終了)
2016年「Pink bear 展」大阪梅田NU茶屋町PLUS 茶屋町画廊。


This is the one of the illustration series called “Pink bear” produced by Japanese oil painter Asako Taya.
The story of Pink bear stated in a letter .
Asako Taya started exchanging letters with a friend when she is a junior high school student and she drew “Pink bear” on the letter to make happy her friend.
“Giving love to all of the people” this is the concept of Pink bear from the beginning of the story.

2005  The first Joint exhibition
2008  Winning an Award and publication of “Pink bear postcard book” (End of sales)
2016  The exhibition at Gallery Chayamachi, Nu Chayamachi PLUS Osaka
2017  Trademark registration (Cl. 9, Cl. 16)



Pink bear, Water color・Drawing

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